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E Z Ballasts usually £59.99 this month only £39.99
Hang On Filter - Save 10% on instore prices!
E Z Ballasts
The E-Z Ballast Aquarium and Terrarium Lighting System comes completely assembled and ready-to-use. Just connect fluorescent lamps and plug it in. It is constructed with rugged Coralife water-resistant endcaps, 9-foot leads and an energy-efficient electronic ballast. For use with two standard output 18" to 48" (15 to 40 watt) fluorescent lamps. The versatile endcaps will accept T-8 (1" Dia.) lamps or T-12 (11" Dia.) lamps.


E Z Ballasts

Hang On Filter.
A complete filter in a compact size.

The powered venturi skimmer filters all the water before the biological trickle filter.

Hangs on the back of the aquarium

Needs two power heads and air pump (phone for offer package at £65)

£120.00 OFF


Hang On Filter.


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